My Top Budget-Friendly Simple Home Gym Essentials

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Some of us just aren’t gym people, and that’s ok. Just because going to the gym isn’t your thing doesn’t mean you have to give up on working out, though. With a few budget-friendly home gym essentials, you can bring the gym to you.

No need for over-the-top setups that take up lots of space. A few simple pieces of equipment can turn any small section of your home into your personal workout room.

Why work out at home?

Working out at home is super convenient for some people. You can wear whatever you want. The only traffic you’ll run into is your little one who needs a snack. And it’s usually easier to fit your workouts into your schedule, so you’re more likely to do it.

Then there’s the social anxiety that tends to be a deterrent for those of us who are less outgoing. Some of us can’t stand the thought of other people seeing us sweat it out or might be grossed out by the idea of watching someone else sweat it out. 

And while there are inexpensive gyms out there, let’s face it, most of the nicer, better-maintained ones can cost you a pretty penny.

I’m not trying to deter you from hitting the gym if that’s your thing. In fact, there are certain amenities like saunas and steam rooms that might make a gym membership worth it for you.

But I do think it’s a good idea to have a space to work out at home whether you like going to the gym or not. It’ll encourage you to be more consistent, and you’ll have more control over when you schedule your workouts.

How to Choose the Best Equipment for You:

The first step to figuring out what equipment is best for you is to determine which exercises you plan to do most frequently. Then you’ll need to determine if your experience level. 

Most of the items I’m sharing come with different weight/ resistance options. If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to choose the lower weights/ resistance options. If you’ve been at it a while, some of the higher weight/ resistance options will be more of a challenge for you.

My Simple Home Gym Essentials

Booty bands

simple home gym essentials booty bands

These are one of my favorite items for resistance and strength training. They encourage good form for exercises like squats and hip thrusts while providing resistance to make the exercise a little more challenging. 

Booty bands are almost always used on the thigh region during exercises. These are my favorite ones.

Resistance loops 

Resistance loops are sometimes used in a similar way as booty bands. But they’re a bit more versatile because they have more give. Since they stretch more, you’re able to use them for strength training exercises that have a larger range of motion.

I’ve seen people use everything from bicep curls to kickbacks.

Resistance bands 

If lifting weights is your thing, but space is an issue, try resistance bands. These tubes have handles on the end that allow you to use them similarly to weights. You can attach them to your door crease or even another structure for support.

Another perk of resistance bands is their easy to travel with and pack away when not in use.


simple home gym essentials mat

If you have hard floors, you’ll definitely want to get a mat to provide some cushion for exercises that require you to lie down and stretch. Just make sure at least one side of the mat is textured for a nice grip. It’s also a good idea to look for something that’s easy to clean.

This mat from Jade Yoga is a fantastic choice because it can fold up like a blanket. You can throw it in your bag and bring it anywhere!

Adjustable hand weights

simple home gym essentials hand weights

You could buy hand weights in multiple sizes. But in order to save space, adjustable weights allow you to continue to increase your weights without taking up too much space.


simple home gym essentials kettlebell

Kettlebells work similarly to hand weights. But I find that having weight with a handle works better for some exercises, especially when you need to do a pick up type of motion. 

Large mirror

One of the most important parts of exercising is to have good form. That’s why having at least one large mirror in your space allows you to see your full body. Not to mention, it’s a good way to get some good post-workout selfies.


When creating a home gym, keep it simple. Think about the exercises you do or plan to do the most and buy equipment with that in mind. I suggest starting with a mat, mirror, and one piece of resistance equipment to start. After getting your routine down, you can add pieces as you see fit.  

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