5 Affirmations for Follicular Phase

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The follicular phase is probably my favorite of the four menstrual cycle phases. It may be yours as well. You may have noticed that your energy is on the rise and your body tends to look its best during this time. Bye, bye, bloating!

Many of us would say that the follicular phase is fairly uneventful and we’re feeling mostly positive. However, sometimes that rise in energy can leave you feeling a little (or very) anxious.

Sometimes I notice that I have so much energy that I want to do ALL the things. This is typically when I get super ambitious, and I make my to-do lists a little too long if I’m being honest. I’m also a little more easily distracted.

That’s where affirmations have been helpful for me. They serve as reminders to help me bring more balance into this cycle phase.

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5 Affirmations for Follicular Phase

My affirmations for the follicular phase are mainly focused on reducing anxiety and staying intentional about where I spend my time. I want to be sure that I’m using all of my follicular phase energy intentionally and on things that have the largest impact on my life.

“I will move at a pace that is respectful to my body” is a reminder to move in a way that still allows you to take care of yourself. Sometimes we can get caught up in hurrying through our day when we’re feeling more energetic. It’s important to check in with ourselves to determine if we need to slow it down a bit.

“I make time to rest and replenish my energy”. How many times have you woken up feeling like you could conquer the world, only to crash halfway through the day? This often happens because we take for granted that we need to give ourselves the fuel or the rest that it needs to keep up the momentum.

“Everything I need is within me” is an affirmation that I recite often. It helps me to remember that I am enough no matter how I’m feeling.

“ I am not defined by my productivity”. Raise your hand if you’re a recovering overachiever. Raises hand. Many of us have been conditioned to believe that our worth is tied to how much we check off our to-do list or even how much we earn. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing terrible about being productive. However, tying your self-worth to your productivity can be a setup for anxiety.

“I am able to define what matters and focus my attention there.” I’m more intentional about how I spend my time during follicular phase since this is usually when I feel my best and have the most energy. I try to tackle my larger tasks during this phase but I do find it’s easy to get distracted by smaller, less meaningful items. This affirmation is a gentle reminder to focus on what’s important and put my energy there.

Although I like to use these particular affirmations for the follicular phase of my menstrual cycle, they work anytime. They’re especially helpful for those times when you’re feeling anxious or in a hurry.

I want to hear from you. Drop your favorite affirmation in the comment box.

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  1. Great list of affirmations! Another good one is "Tomorrow is another day. If it doesn’t get done today, it’s not going anywhere. It will be waiting for you tomorrow."

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