Daily Habits for Fibroid Healing

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Self Care is the new buzzword. But if you suffer any chronic conditions like fibroids you know that self-care is imperative to healing.

Personally, fibroids have pushed self-care to the top of my priority list. Over time, I’ve developed some habits that are seemingly small but have made a huge long-term impact on the way I feel and I truly believe they have helped me with shrinking fibroids.

5 Self-care Activities for Healing Fibroids

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    Meditation/ Breathwork – I initially turned to meditation as a means to cope with a really stressful period in my life. The Simple Habit app has some beginner-friendly 5-minute meditations.

    You’ll be amazed by what consistently meditating for 5 minutes a day could do for your mental health. Meditation and breathing are great for managing and reducing stress. Stress has been known to have a negative impact on hormones and balancing hormones.

  2. Movement/Yoga – For years I avoided yoga because I thought it was too slow and not challenging enough for me. I later ended up at a studio that completely changed my opinion of the practice.

    Yoga is one of the most commonly recommended exercises for women who suffer from uterine issues. It encourages better blood circulation, reduces inflammation and many poses stimulate internal organs. If yoga isn’t your thing that’s ok, but I highly recommend adding in a few postures to a daily stretch or cool down.

  3. Drink Herbal Tea – I’ve been doing more research on herbal teas and which teas encourage hormonal balance. I recently decided to add 2 cups a day. I’m not the best with drinking water, so this is another great way for me to get additional hydration as well.

  4. Heat therapy/Oil Pack – Many women use heated castor oil packs to encourage detoxification and bring heat to the womb. I haven’t tried castor oil packs, but I pour some castor oil on my womb and use a heated pad.

  5. Take Supplements – I’m not a huge supplement person, but I do take iron. Fibroids often leave you anemic and iron makes a huge difference in my energy levels. Supplementation is very individual. Always refer to your healthcare provider when deciding which supplements are appropriate for you.

Download my printable checklist includes blank space for you to add your own fibroid self-care items. Print the list out and hang it in a place for you to see every day.

Download Printable Checklist (PDF)

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