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Luteal Phase Food List

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processed_2020-08-05 04.35.44 1.jpgDid you know that there are certain foods that can make luteal phase more pleasant?

Luteal phase can be a tough time for women whether they have fibroids or not. This is often the time of the month when many women experience PMS and a lot more bloating.

For those of us with fibroids or other conditions that are linked to hormonal imbalance, the mood swings and bloating can get particularly worse during Luteal Phase.

Eating to support this phase has made a phenomenal difference in my experience of luteal phase. The foods on the list for this phase are cleansing and grounding. They tend to be high in fiber and magnesium to help flush out excess estrogen and reduce bloating.

I find that when adding these foods to my diet before my period, I don’t experience huge shifts in my mood and my bloating is significantly reduced before and during menstruation. I also like to really focus on iron-rich foods the week before menstruation to avoid a sharp drop in energy and anemia.

The original list of recommendations for luteal phase foods comes from Alisa Vitti’s book, Woman Code. You’ll find a lot of these lists floating around on Pinterest, but I’ve added a few things that I personally think are great for this phase as well.

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