3 Kitchen Tools to Make Eating at Home Easier

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processed_2020-09-29-101346646.jpgThe right kitchen tools and gadgets can make eating at home more often easier. After all, cooking your own food is the most effective way to be in control of your health.

Eating to support my hormones and reduce fibroid symptoms can be difficult to navigate when eating out, but finding the time to prepare and cook food at home can also be challenging at times.

Between work, a rambunctious little body, and my newest adventure, Yoga Teacher Training, I tend to find myself swamped and scrambling to figure out what I’m going to eat. These three kitchen tools have made it easier for me to get a little bit ahead every day and/or prepare food more quickly.

  1. InstaPot – This thing is a lifesaver! I’ve been able to cut cooking times by less than half. I also really appreciate the fact that I can avoid a lot of canned items such as canned beans because I now have the ability to cook them quickly at home and store them in reusable bags, which brings me to my next item.

  2. Reusable silicone bags – I’m slowly building my collection of these because they can be a little pricey up front, but they save money in the long run. They’re also very durable and I’ve never had that freezer taste penetrate them. I use these bags to store many food items including cut up veggies, broths, and beans.

  3. Electric Kettle – Not only do I use my kettle to make tea, but I also use it to quickly heat my water for boiled items. I simply fill the kettle with water, pour it into my pot on the stove, and cook my food as directed.


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