Is Functional Medicine Right for Fibroids?

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2020-08-09 01.56.41 1.jpgThere are several treatment approaches to managing fibroids and their symptoms. However, a functional medicine approach may be one of the most helpful.

What is functional medicine?

According to ifm.org Functional medicine is a systems biology-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease.

Functional medicine doctors perform more diagnostic testing and evaluation to find out what’s really causing symptoms.

How can a FMD help with fibroids?

Since fibroids are actually a symptom of an underlying issue, a functional medicine doctor will not only treat symptoms but may help lead you to overall wellness.

Should you work with a functional medicine doctor?

This post isn’t an attempt to steer you one way or the other, but it is here to provide you with another option for your ongoing care. If you’re not seeing the results you’d like with your current healthcare provider, functional medicine might be another path for you.

Finding a medical team to collaborate with while treating and managing uterine fibroids can be a huge struggle. My personal experience with medical professionals has been less than stellar unfortunately.

The two gynecologists I’ve seen regarding fibroids haven’t been extremely knowledgeable about the condition and treatment options outside of birth control and surgery. In their defense, there’s still very little research and data readily available regarding the root cause and non surgical treatment of fibroids.

This lack of information/knowledge from most traditional providers has led me consider a Functional Medicine Doctor going forward. I’ve been able to grow tremendously while managing my fibroids through my own research and trial, but I believe that another professional could help me take my overall health to another level.

Dr. Katie Rose talks Naturopathic, Functional and Mainstream Medicine

One of the best resources for helping me navigate this new chapter has been Dr. Katie Rose, NMD. She’s located in Arizona so I’m not able to see her, but she gave me some great tips for finding a Functional Medicine Doctor here in Texas. I thought the information she shared was so great that we did a live chat on Instagram that I saved for you to view below.

In the video Dr. Katie Rose defines what a functional medicine doctor and naturopathic medicine doctor are, what credentials to look for and why she decided to go into naturopathic medicine.

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