How TCM Prompted My Journey to Self Healing from Fibroids

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Acupuncture was my first encounter with Traditional Chinese Medicine.Acupuncture was my first encounter with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After leaving the office of my second OBGYN with more questions than answers and an endometriosis pamphlet that had 2 sentences about uterine fibroids, I realized that mainstream medicine wasn’t the answer for me.

Both doctors that I had seen regarding fibroids mentioned birth control and possible surgery, but neither could even give me a definitive answer about what a fibroid actually is and how I came to have them.

I knew that I couldn’t let someone who didn’t seem to have much understanding about my condition treat it. After the appointment with the second doctor, I realized that I needed to really explore alternative options for treatment.

After a rabbit hole of google searches for alternative treatments and remedies, I took a stab in the dark and decided to try acupuncture. I found an acupuncturist that had great reviews for treating women for fertility, so I figured she’d probably be able to help me with fibroids since it’s a condition of the uterus.

Life-changing is the only way to describe my experience. Not only did I feel better after my first treatment, but she also gave me an explanation of why I had fibroids, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. She actually asked me questions about what I was eating, my emotional health, and things that I needed to do to improve and even heal my condition. This appointment was the first time anyone ever asked me about my lifestyle and really explained how the body works. The experience empowered me to take care of myself and manage my health in a way that I had never done.

Acupuncture was my gateway to better health. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all protocol for well-being, but I do believe that sharing our experiences and knowledge gives others the building blocks they need to build a better way of life.

Treatments included in TCM.

Treatments included in TCM.

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