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Menstrual Phase Foods for Fibroids

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Foods for Menstruation with FibroidsEating foods that are supportive for the menstrual phase helps reduce painful period symptoms. But what are the best menstrual phase foods to eat?A healthy period can be a time of mindfulness and reflection. But painful periods can make that time anything but serene.

Fortunately, nature has provided us with some tools to bring ourselves some relief. One of the main tools is food. It really is our medicine.Cycle syncing my diet has prompted me to take a more medicinal approach to eating, especially during menstrual and luteal phases. Both of these phases can be especially difficult for women with fibroids.

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While you can and should consume these foods throughout your cycle, they are especially good for supporting your body through menstrual phase. This “group” of foods has a few things in common to make that possible:

  • Fiber – crucial to excess estrogen detoxification. Excess estrogen is thought to be one of the causes of uterine fibroids.

  • Iron – Many women with fibroids experience anemia or low iron. Anemia can lead to lethargy and low energy, as well as fogginess.

  • Manganese – This trace mineral is believed to reduce inflammation and pain associated with inflammation. It also serves as a cofactor for several other nutrients.

  • Vitamin K – Aids in clotting to reduce excessive bleeding that may result from fibroids.

Of course, eating a whole food diet full of organic fruits and vegetables is helpful for your overall health. This list of foods can help give you an extra boost to combat pain, bloating, and heavy bleeding that may accompany your period.

You can read more about cycle syncing here, and learn more about how biohacking your cycle might be the key to more balanced hormones.

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