My Midday Routine for More Balanced Hormones

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Hi, I’m Chunte. And I’m a recovering overachiever. And if you’re anything like me, you probably find yourself falling into burnout from time to time which sends your hormones into a frenzy. After many attempts to become more proactive about my stress levels, I think I finally found a feasible solution: a midday routine for balanced hormones. I know what you’re thinking, “not another post about routines.” But stay with me on this one.

Many people attribute their success to a morning routine. I’ve even had success with a solid morning routine. However, the momentum from a morning routine might wear off if you have jam-packed days ahead. This is especially true if you’re an early riser.

What if you had a chance to reset and refocus halfway through the day? Even more importantly, a way to manage and reduce stress to encourage your hormones to work for you instead of against you.

Now that you’re hopefully sold on the idea, here’s my current midday routine:


Since I do this around 11 or 12, I consider lunch part of my midday routine. I eat something high in protein and satiating to give me more energy and keep my blood sugar stable for a few hours.


When the weather’s pleasant, a 10- to 15-minute walk is a good way to get some sunlight and help stabilize blood sugar post-meal. If the weather’s not great, a 10-minute tidy-up is another way to get moving after eating.

Red Light + Somatic Movement

midday routine for balanced hormones red light therapy

I’ve been doing a somatic movement program which usually only takes a few minutes. So, I spend a few minutes doing my movement in front of the red light. Usually, I have a few minutes left for prayer before the 10-minute timer on the red light goes off.

The somatic movement helps me get into a state of relaxation and release tension. While red light therapy helps reduce inflammation and promotes detoxification. 

Review My Goals

midday routine for balanced hormones reviewing goals

Since my movements only take a few minutes, I usually have a few minutes leftover to review my goals. This allows me to refocus my day on what’s really important and put off things that aren’t as important. For me, staying clear on my goals helps reduce stress because I know where to focus my time and energy.


If I’m fatigued, which is more common close to or during my menstrual phase, I might cut the walk and opt for a nap instead.

Now, I do realize that working from home gives me a lot more flexibility than some people. So, I think it’s important to have some easy-to-adapt options for those of you who work in an office or away from home.

Building a Midday Routine for Hormone Balance that Works for You

Think of your midday routine as a reset. It’s a time for you to center yourself, and it can even change the course of your day if that’s necessary. Personalize your routine for the amount of time you have and your goals.

A midday routine can be as simple or robust as you’d like it to be. if you work in an office and only have about an hour for lunch, your midday reset could be as simple as mindfully eating your lunch away from your desk and taking a 15-minute walk after. If you’re at home like me and have more flexibility, you might find a more robust routine more accessible. 

Another way to think about things to add is to try things you might want to have in your morning routine but don’t have the time to add.

Here are some more ideas for your midday reset: 

  • Yoga/Yoga Nidra
  • Meditation
  • Review goals for the day
  • Reading
  • Make an adrenal cocktail
  • Tidy up your workspace
  • Journaling
  • Affirmations
  • Time in nature/gardening
  • A cup of tea

Whatever activities help you achieve balance and get your mind off the hustle of your day are ideal.

Now that you have some ideas try creating your own midday routine. After about a week, I’m sure you’ll notice a difference in how you feel.

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