So, You Want To Start Journaling? Here’s How

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If wondering how to start journaling and unsure of where to start, then you’ve come to the right place!

Journaling is a popular topic in the self-help and personal development community.

Understandably so. Having a journal is a great way to improve your mental health, emotional well-being, and quality of life.

Check out this article that goes into depth about the health benefits of journaling if you need a bit more convincing.

Still, with all the benefits, I do realize it’s not always easy to get into the habit of writing every day. It’s a practice that takes time to develop.

The Art of Journaling

Every day brings new challenges that we endure.

Journaling helps us reflect on the lessons we learn from our experiences if we take the time to write them down. It allows us to process both good and bad feelings.

Journaling lets you get those thoughts out of your head, so you don’t have to continually play them over in your head. You can release thoughts of a bad day more easily. Writing it out allows you to process it more easily.

You’re freeing up space for different, positive thoughts and emotions to fill your head.

The Best Mediums

The first step is figuring out how you want to document! Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to keep track of your thoughts.

Some people like using a notebook and pen to write down their thoughts, while others enjoy typing on their phones or laptops.

What matters most is what you think about while you’re writing down your ideas.

Your medium should be suitable for your needs and preferences. The ideal journaling medium is the one you can stick to and use on a regular basis to document your thoughts, aspirations, and emotions.

Below I’ve listed the three most common options. I’ve tried them all so I can attest that they all work to some degree.

1. Apps on your phone.

I first started journaling in my notes app. I was opposed to pen and paper because I didn’t have a lock to place on it and I didn’t want people snooping in it.

But now, pen and paper are my go-to. I’m always on my phone and journaling gives me a break from the screen time.

If you wish to start on your phone, a quick search on any of the electronic stores (Apple Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store) should offer a range of options to choose from. There are numerous apps available that are either designed for journaling or may be used to journal.

Or you could simply use the notes app on your phone.

We never leave anywhere without our phones so why not conveniently document how we’re feeling during the day.

Speaking of apps on your phone, do you need some motivation in your life? For my podcast lovers out there looking for new podcasts or even people who want to get started, I have two podcast recommendation posts on my blog. Be sure to check them out if you’re interested:

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2. A physical notebook.

Journaling with a pen and paper is the oldest and most traditional method.

Although there isn’t any solid evidence for this, handwriting is typically thought to be the better option than typing or recording because it’s usually slower. It forces you to slow down and think more deeply about what you’re writing on paper, which in turn helps you process things better.

It’s my personal favorite, to be honest. Just seeing how my handwriting evolves or the tear-streaked pages that cover some of the pages. These are a few aspects you can’t get with writing digitally, in the same way as in a physical notebook. There could also be different emotions evoked by the two.

Introducing the Grateful Duo: journal & you’re write pens by Alleyoop! 

We spend a lot of time-solving problems and overcoming obstacles, but how often do we take time out to celebrate the good stuff? The Grateful Duo encourages you to spend a little time each day reflecting on your goals and appreciating the good around you.Short daily entries keep you moving in the right headspace without taking up too much time. This journal makes it easy to reframe your headspace every day to aid in your goal-setting and mindfulness.  Not to mention its sleek design fits in most places – Nightstand, desk, bag, you name it. No need to worry about carrying something too bulky with this journal.The smooth black ink pens come in cliques of 3, so you can lend them to friends without fear. And Grateful Journal pages have no dates because, no pressure. I’ve had my eyes on this journal for a while! What drew me in was how aesthetically pleasing the journal looks. I’m super excited to try it out. The journal I have now doesn’t come with any quotes or guidelines for writing. I’m filling everything in myself. Once I finish with that one, I’m definitely getting this one. If you beat me to it, let me know how you like it in the comments 🙂 This basic practice journal with a dash of added insight and wisdom is the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones, especially during these uncertain times. It gets lonely sometimes but this journal helps remind people of what they should be grateful for to keep going. As the name suggests, it makes you stop and think of all the things in your life that you should be grateful for in the midst of all the challenging times. It’s easy to use and there are no dates so you can pick it up whenever you want. No need to feel pressured to write every day.

How it works

The founders, Leila and Stephanie, were nice enough to walk you through the special elements of the Grateful Journal, and why gratitude is important to live a fulfilled life in this video.This is a fairly new product, so not many people are aware of it yet. If you were someone that’s always wanted to try something out before the hype, then now’s your chance. With all the customer reviews provided, this journal remains at a 5.0-star rating!! And believe me, they speak for themselves:

Of all the journals in the land…⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’m a Journal junkie, I use 4 or 5 at any given time. They are all… fine, they get the job done. After purchasing a few items from Alleyoop, I saw their grateful diary. Based on the thoughtfulness that goes into their other products, I purchased it. GAME CHANGER! So much more than a book to write in… the insight and beautiful prompts in the Journal, help to remind us, what is truly important in life… these words make me WANT to write in it, and I do, every evening. Since using this, I’ve noticed beauty and happiness in ways I’ve not before. It’s the best journal purchase I’ve made… We all need to find our happy, sweet and beautiful. When you write it down, it’s so calming, and life seems more manageable… sweeter. The Grateful Journal and Write Pen Set is made beautifully, the perfect size…. feels good in your hands, the pens are fab… the perfect “ ink to paper” feel and look. I think everyone should have one… and they also make an awesome gift. So yes… I ADORE this Set … 🦋😌�


Love It! It’s well organized and of sturdy construction. I appreciate having areas to record a reverse bucket list, people I am grateful for, and a gratitude vision board. I’m still deciding upon a gratitude token. One of the reasons I purchased this gratitude journal over others is the simple yet effective setup of recording gratitude. I write the date and record 3 gratitudes. During these challenging times, it’s been a mental and emotional boost to recall what I have accomplished, the people who have influenced me, what I love in life, and to remember there is a lot to still be grateful for.


Simple and Just What I Needed. This grateful journal is exactly what I was looking for. I don’t have a lot of extra time in my day but I look forward to the 15 minutes when I can relax and jot down 3 things I appreciate at that moment. Perfect purchase!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the material of the cover on the journal?
The cover has a soft matte finish.

How many pages are there to write on in the journal? There are 365 pages of pure gratitude 🙂

What color is the ink in the pen? The You Are Write pens have black ink.

The shipping process doesn’t take long either! Upon purchase, your order is shipped out within one business day and takes about 2-4 business days to arrive. I love that you can try Alleyoop for a full 30 days and if you’re not 100% satisfied, you’re free to return or exchange it – no hard feelings! They even cover shipping it back.

This set is simply a way of spreading joy and giving you one more tool to help you live your best life. Join the #alleyooptroop today and reap the benefits!

It’s also relatively safe if you’re journaling in a secure environment. So if you live with people or around people who might invade your privacy, a physical journal might not be the best option. Try out others!

3. An audio journal.

This is for the people that don’t enjoy writing, already do enough of it at their jobs or school, or simply don’t want to have something extra to carry.

You don’t even need to download any apps for this. Your phone should already have the Voice Memos app installed.

I stopped using this method because you can’t quickly go back and search specific points from past entries, and you’ll need to record in a quiet spot where you won’t be overheard.

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How to Start Journaling:

Making journaling a habit takes time. Set aside about fifteen to twenty minutes a day. Your handwriting doesn’t have to pretty and perfect either. When I find time to write at the end of the day, I just dump whatever comes to mind on paper. The focus is about writing everything down and not missing anything. That’s all that really matters honestly.Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way of journaling.If you’re having writer’s block, there are several websites and videos with topic ideas that you can write about daily. @/welcometoyourjournal and @/hello_kimberlyy on Tiktok are my favorites. I’m always on Tiktok anyway, might as well benefit from it.

Treat your journal as a close and unbiased friend. One that you wouldn’t doubt their loyalty. One that you know won’t go telling your business so there’s no need to hold back on your feelings and emotions. To get the most out of journaling, you write about your deepest, most innermost thoughts and feelings. Trust me, this one doesn’t judge.

When you look back over your entries. Examine of all the decisions you’ve made, it can be much easier to recognize negative habits and traits.

This post should help you jumpstart your journey of making journaling a habit of your own.

With love, khaamisa <3

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