DIY Clean Facial

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Doing a DIY facial at home has been one of the best changes I’ve made to my beauty routine. I have more control over the product ingredients that I use. And I get to do them more often without the hefty price tag.
Since the pandemic began, I’ve cut back on a few beauty services. In the beginning, the shutdowns forced me to get creative with my self-care. It also made me get a bit more efficient with my time and money and rethink where I was spending both.

diy facial
Using the Beauty Counter Charcoal face mask that I love!

Don’t get me wrong, I like to be pampered just as much as the next person. But sometimes, keeping up with all of the different appointments feels time-consuming. It almost feels like another job. And let’s not talk about how difficult it can be to get your schedule aligned with your favorite provider.

It’s not that I don’t believe in the investment of caring for yourself. It just became more apparent to me that I could make some adjustments to my beauty routine and be just as satisfied with the outcome.

One of my favorite treatments to do at home is facials. DIYing my beauty treatments gives me the chance to indulge in the comfort of my own home AND have facials more often since I’m not spending a fortune at a salon. I also enjoy having the ability to squeeze a facial in any time instead of being at the mercy of my favorite esthetician’s already packed schedule.

What’s even more satisfying about doing my own facials is that I can have confidence that my products are clean and safer. Many salons promote that they use organic or natural products. But upon further investigation, you may find that’s not the case.

Avoiding products with xenoestrogens or chemicals that could potentially contribute to hormonal imbalance is a priority for me. It may seem small, but I believe that the small things add up to make the most significant impact.

It’s also nice to be able to spend a bit more on my favorite products since I’m doing it at home. Or at least that’s how I like to justify my splurgy skincare staples.

Here’s what you need for your DIY Facial with clean beauty products:

  1. A comfy headband or head wrap. There is nothing worse than getting product in your hair. I like to use something satin-lined to protect my hair. I’ve discovered some adorable ones from You Go Natural and here.
  2. Your favorite tools. The beauty tools make it feel more official, right? My go-to is always a jade roller. The cool stone across my face just does it for me. If my pores are feeling clogged or I’ve been seeing whiteheads, I go for the Foreo Luna to get a deeper clean.
  3. A deep cleanser or double cleanse. I’ve been wearing more makeup these days, so it’s better for me to double cleanse to get everything off. I start with a cleansing balm or cleansing oil to remove the makeup, and then I follow it up with a foaming cleanser or gel cleanser.
  4. Mask for your skin concerns. My skin tends to be on the oily side, so I always go for a mud mask. My favorite is the Beautycounter mask. It contains salicylic acid, so it does the double duty of clearing my pores and exfoliating. You can even create a DIY face mask with an Aztec Clay Mask. By the way, I’ve used both of these to do armpit detoxes.
  5. Serum. The serum always feels like the most luxurious part for me. Of all the skincare products I purchase, I always splurge on serums. I use my roller to get some depuffing action and encourage absorption.
  6. Eye cream. Apply to the orbital bone and lid. Avoid applying right under the eye, which can lead to puffiness. I like to use the smaller end of my roller to apply my eye cream and depuff.
  7. Moisturizer is the last step, but certainly not the least. On facial days, I go for something a bit rich. This moisturizer with hyaluronic acid gives some plumping for a fresh look in the morning.


indian clay.jpg

de serum.png

C Serum.jpg


countermatch foaming cleanser.jpg


cleansing balm.jpg

It’s nice to be able to give yourself the royal treatment at home whenever you need it. I’m not saying give up your spa or salon facials if that’s your thing, but doing it yourself is something to consider from time to time. I’ll probably get a spa facial at some point, but the convenience and peace of mind of knowing that my products are clean and effective outweigh that right now.

Do you ever do DIY facials? Let me know down in the comments.

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  1. LOVE your tips. I’ve always wanted to try a jade roller. Like you, I do my "spa" moments at home. I can’t be bothered to go to appointments either. For me, it’s a nighttime skincare routine.

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