5 Black-Owned Wellness Brands to Support

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Over the last two years, I’ve learned the value of purchasing from companies with a higher purpose in mind. Not only do I get to support businesses that have amazing products, but I’ve also been able to find products that are sometimes even better in quality because of the care and passion that goes into creating them.
Historically, awareness of black-owned brands has been very low. However, recent unfair social tragedies involving black men and women and social unrest have pushed forward the conversation around how imperative it is to continue to support black-owned businesses as part of our fight for equality. Not only do these companies produce high-quality products that have higher safety standards than most of the popular brands on the market. They also have great customer service. You’ll probably recognize a few of these companies and their products from my Instagram stories and posts.


If you’re following me, then you know that Matcha is a staple. I make a matcha green tea latte almost daily, and I use it in my Matcha Chia Seed Pudding recipe. That’s why Golde is at the top of my mind when it comes to wellness brands that I’m obsessed with. Not only do they offer pure matcha, they also sell other superfood latte blends. You can find the sampler on my Holiday Wellness Gift Guide. They also have some face masks that I plan to try.

Predominantly Black

No exaggeration: Predominantly Black might be the best candle I’ve ever tried. This black-owned candle company really checks the list on all the things I’ve grown to care about as I try to practice conscious consumerism. They produce soy/coconut-based candles that are cleaner burning and don’t feature weird additives and phthalates.

Their candles also don’t require a Prop 65 warning. Subtle is my favorite for long baths and journaling. Not to mention, the packaging is sexy and modern, and they have a recycling program.

Jayida Che

Jayida Che’s Minty Mix is my luteal phase staple. Not only is this blend so flavorful that I don’t use sweetener, I’ve found that it also helps keep the bloating down right before my menstrual cycle and after I eat a heavy meal. Right now they have a fall/winter sampler that I’m adding to cart as I write this post.

Divine Clementine Bath & Body

Divine Clementine was started by Singer/Songwriter, fellow womb warrior, and fibroid survivor, Madam CJ. She is also a Womb Wellness Dance Instructor, educating women about hormonal health and uterine wellness thru dance, nutrition, and Strategic Self Care. That’s why her soaps, body butters, and Epsom salt soaks feature carefully chosen, sustainable, and locally sourced ingredients.

Noire Bud

If CBD is your thing, this is your one-stop shop. Their product offering features everything from candies and teas to body products. I’m excited about supporting a woman-owned, black-owned CBD company, which are still few and far between. Carolyn Gray, the company’s founder has done an amazing job of creating a brand that screams black, bold, and luxurious. How can we not get excited about that?! Share some of your faves below and follow me on Instagram or Pinterest to check out more of the brands I’m enjoying right now.

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