13 Ways to Energize Your Mornings

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Maybe you’re trying to become a morning person. Or maybe you need to focus more and have more energy in the mornings.

Well, this post is for you. Whether you’re a five am early bird or your mornings start quite a bit later, you can use your morning routine to boost your energy and have a more productive day.

Your ideal morning routine should be just that, YOUR ideal routine. It should include things that matter to you and make you feel excited about the day.

I’ve found that activities that help you optimize your sleep, stabilize your circadian rhythm and level out your blood sugar can help you create an efficient morning routine.

Try incorporating a few of these into your daily routine to have more energy in the mornings and throughout the day.

How to Have More Energy in the Morning

1. Work on a better bedroom routine

What if I told you that good mornings start at night? That’s right. I know this post focuses on mornings, but a good day starts with a good night’s rest. Getting enough sleep will make you feel your best, and you’ll be less likely to hit the snooze button.

2. Wake up at the same time every day

Don’t worry, this tip isn’t a push to get you to start your mornings earlier. In fact, I think morning wake times are very individual, and you should do what works best for your lifestyle and chronotype.

Regardless of the time you choose, try to keep it consistent. This will help your body get into a rhythm. And whatever you do, don’t hit the snooze button!

3. Get some sunlight ASAP

how to use your menstrual cycle for productivity

This one might be a little trickier, depending on where you live and the time you wake up. But getting sun in your eyes as soon as possible is another way to improve your circadian rhythm and help give you a boost.

4. Hydrate

One of the best ways to improve your energy overall is to stay hydrated. That’s why it’s no surprise I’m suggesting having a glass of water in the morning. Try adding some lemon or key lime and a pinch of pink or sea salt for a mineral boost. 

5. Try aromatherapy

Another effective way to feel energized in the morning is using essential oils. Try oils like eucalyptus, citrus, and peppermint to make you feel more alert. You can use a diffuser or dot a few drops of a skin-safe blend behind your ears. 

Add this step to your routine as another wake-up cue.

6. Delay your screentime

best wellness books

Avoid using your phone for at least the first hour after waking up. This gives you time to wake up without potentially anxiety-inducing blue light. It also allows you to begin the day without distractions and get centered. If you need to wake up slowly, keep a book next to your bed to read first thing in the morning. I have an awesome list of wellness books you can use here.

7. Eat within an hour of waking

If you’re working to balance your hormones and prevent blood sugar spikes, try eating your first meal shortly after waking. You’ll also want to make sure this meal is satiating. 

Focus on a savory, balanced breakfast with protein, fat, and fiber.

8. Green tea is your friend

how to make matcha

Consuming too much caffeine can be counterproductive for having more energy. You might get a quick boost of energy, but you’re also more likely to experience a crash in the afternoon.

Personally, I like to reach for green tea. More specifically, high-quality Japanese matcha. It tends to have a little less caffeine than coffee and more antioxidants. It also contains L-theanine, which can help promote calmness. I have a guide for making your own matcha lattes at home. Enjoy!

9. Non-caffeinated boost

If caffeine isn’t your thing or you’re trying to cut back, there are some effective non-caffeinated options. Try an herbal tea blend with mint or even some mushroom powders.

10. Get moving

ways to energize mornings

Starting the day with exercise gets your blood flowing and has many benefits, including a mood boost. Whether you want to get into weight lifting, yoga or pilates, you can find some advice about keeping up an exercise habit here.

11. Gratitude practice

What’s more motivating than taking the time to really appreciate all the good things in your life? A regular gratitude practice helps you cultivate positive feelings and might give you the push you need for the day. Journaling is one way to practice gratitude and I find it super effective.

12. Plan your day

Consider having a good or productive day a mission, and every successful mission starts with a good plan and when it comes to how to have more energy in the morning, this one is essential.

Planning your day makes it easier to focus and use your energy on the things that matter. And accomplishing your goals can be the motivation that you need to stick to a consistent morning routine. I just launched my own Cyclical Living Planner which is specifically for tracking your menstrual cycle and is an awesome way to start tuning into your natural rhythms. 

13. Respect your cyclical fluctuations

natural detox

Remember that the phase of your cycle may have some bearing on your energy levels. If you’re entering a lower energy phase, remember to be gentle with yourself and ease into your day. Again, my Cyclical Living Planner can help you do this.


When looking for how to have more energy in the morning, don’t forget that we’re building a lifestyle, so take your time and slowly incorporate these tips. You can even easily habit stack these.

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