5 Tips for Surviving Holiday Season with Fibroids

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The holiday season can be mentally and emotionally difficult for some people. This year is particularly stressful as we deal with the challenges that come along with a pandemic as well. To add more insult to injury, many women are dealing with symptomatic uterine fibroids. Up to 80% of women will have fibroids by age 50. That means it’s likely that either you or someone close to you is dealing with the effects of fibroid symptoms. Here are some ways to manage your physical and emotional well-being this holiday season.

5 Tips for Surviving Holiday Season with Fibroids

1. Speak up.

Let the people around you know about the symptoms you’re experiencing and that it may be difficult for you to stay focused or present. Sometimes it may be difficult for you to show up. Your friends and family may or may not understand, but give them the opportunity to support you.

2. Schedule your self-care.

The holiday season is notorious for throwing us off balance and prompting us to neglect self-care. Be vigilant about setting time aside every day to pray, meditate, journal, nap, do deep breathing, get in some exercise, etc. Write it into your planner. Set a timer on your phone. Remind yourself that self-care is important to minimizing your fibroid symptoms.

3. Avoid overindulgence.

Yes, it is possible to have healthy options at holiday celebrations.

It’s very tempting to eat more refined sugars and carbs or drink more than usual, but remember that certain foods can make symptoms worse. Enjoy yourself, but set limits. Honoring your body’s boundaries is critical to your overall well-being.

Since holidays are often centered around uber-indulgent foods, I created this healthy charcuterie board guide so you can have some more nourishing options to bring to holiday parties or to simply enjoy at home with your loved ones.

4. Honor your feelings.

holiday survival guide for fibroids

Now is a great time to start a journaling practice if you don’t already have one. You may be feeling a number of emotions. It’s important to acknowledge those emotions and thoughts, and take the time to examine them. Don’t have a journal to write in yet? This one is my favorite. I love how cute it is and it makes me feel more motivated to write with its thoughtful prompts.

5. Get professional help.

Enlisting a professional can help you with hurdles you may be facing. A therapist can help you work through difficult emotions, or a functional medicine doctor may be able to help you understand more of what may be going on with your body. Even a holistic or functional wellness coach who has experience with uterine conditions may be able to assist you and hold you accountable during the holidays.

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