12 Bath Essentials for Self Care

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A few years ago, I moved into a new home with a big tub. So, I’ve really been trying to step up my bathtime experience a few notches. I’m not one to waste a luxury, so I decided to slow down at least one night a week and indulge in a bath with some added essentials.

Since baths are supposed to be a time for self-care, I made sure to include items that really add to the wellness factor of the experience. I like to think about my bathtime ritual in 3 parts: the setup, the bath, and aftercare. Check out my favorite bath essentials for self care:

12 Bath Essentials for Self Care

bath essentials

The setup

Faucet filter

I don’t know about yours, but my tap water isn’t the best. Depending on the city, tap water is allowed to have a certain amount of contaminants and still be considered safe. Some of these contaminants include chlorine, heavy metals, and even pharmaceuticals.

Your skin is your largest organ and has the ability to absorb what you put on it. So the last thing you want to do is soak in water with potentially harmful toxins. That’s why I use a faucet filter to help avoid some of the toxins commonly found in water. 

The Cuzn filter is a cost-friendly alternative to larger, more extensive whole-house systems. It’s easy to use, and I can tell you from experience that my water actually feels softer and doesn’t have the chlorine smell when I use it.

Tray table

What’s a self-indulgent bath without a functional and aesthetically pleasing bath tray? Of course, you can use the tray to hold items you’ll want to access during your bath. But you can also add a few beautiful items like a small plant, flowers or candle to set the mood. Here are a few tray options to fit any style:

bath essentials for self care

bath essentials for self care

bath essentials for self care

bath essentials for self care

Bath pillow

A pillow is probably one of my favorite bath essentials. While it might seem like just a fun little luxury, I actually find it quite functional.

Having a bath pillow with a suction on the back allows you to recline comfortably and get more of your body in the water. And since I use nourishing items like magnesium flakes in my bath, I want to get all the benefits. 

Non-toxic candles

Candles are often associated with luxurious and relaxing experiences. However, the toxins that conventional candles can release into the air might leave you feeling anything but relaxed in the long run. 

That’s why I did some research to find a candle that not only smells divine but is made with safer ingredients. Pure plant home is currently my go-to candle brand because it prioritizes safe ingredients. Now I can light my candles without worrying about what my family and I are breathing in.

Or a diffuser

If candles aren’t really your thing or you’re still concerned about safety, a diffuser is a great alternative. You can customize a relaxing blend for your bathtime ritual.

The Bath

Dry brush

One of my favorite ways to start bath time is with a few minutes of dry brushing. Use large sweeping strokes toward the heart to help stimulate the lymphatic system and help exfoliate the skin. This makes it easier for your skin to soak in all the benefits of the water and add-ins.

Magnesium salts

You’ve probably already used Epsom salts in your bath water. But I suggest using magnesium flakes or salt instead. Magnesium is essential to hormone balance and detoxification and helps promote better sleep. 

Bath oil

There are tons of bath oil products on the market but beware of toxic ingredients like synthetic fragrances. Momotaro Tonic is a the multi-use oil that you can use a few drops in your bath. You can even use it as a moisturizer after. To top it off, its ingredients, like goldenseal and Oregon grape, can help soothe symptoms of bacterial and yeast infections.

Use my code CHUNTE for a discount on your first purchase.

A relaxing book

Since you’ll probably spend a considerable amount of time soaking in the tub, it’s probably a great time to reach for that book you’ve been trying to finish.

Since this is probably a time you’ll want to relax, it’s a good idea to choose something light and even fun. But if you’re a self-development junkie like me, you’ll probably want to reach for one of my recommendations on this list.

If audiobooks are your thing, you can try audible premium and get up to two free books with this link.

A nourishing mocktail

Skip the glass of wine and choose a mocktail or tonic instead. I like to have kombucha with a few drops of CBD for a full zen. Don’t forget the fancy wine or champagne glass.


Body serum

Don’t forget to give your skin a little extra TLC with a gentle exfoliating body serum. The best part? It’s made with clean ingredients.

A nice robe

Your bathtime routine would not be complete without a robe to lounge around in afterward. Personally, I prefer something soft and plush, but I’ve been known to reach for the silkier one in the warmer months.


Now I know what you’re thinking: What about bubble baths or bath bombs? I intentionally left those off the list. Many of them have harmful ingredients that can cause irritation and disturb your vaginal PH. Bubbles are cute but certainly not worth a potential yeast infection.

Now that you have some ideas for how to boost your bathtime regimen, it’s time to relax. So, turn on some music. Fill up the tub, and indulge. Let me know down below if you have any other bath essentials for self care that you’re obsessed with right now! 

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