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3 Tips for Creating a Wellness Plan

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When I decided to get serious about healing fibroids, I quickly realized that I needed to be intentional and strategic about my wellness. So I started out trying all the health-related trends and doing lots of experimenting, including creating my own wellness plan.

While most of the things I did have helped at least somewhat, I probably could have saved myself some time and money by being more strategic.

Sure, it’s nice to set goals and resolutions, but when tackling something as challenging as a chronic hormonal-related condition, things can get complicated.

It’s not realistic to say, “I will get rid of my fibroids in a month.” as a goal. It’s not impossible; it’s just not feasible for most women due to the complex nature of our unique bodies. What works well for one person can be wreak havoc on another person’s body.

It’s possible to achieve that goal by doing a fibroid removal procedure, but that still requires time, planning, and money. There’s also a recovery period that needs to be considered.

That’s why creating a wellness plan is much more effective in terms of getting control of your health. Of course, ultimately, the goal is to be completely fibroid-free, but that can take time for women that choose to go the holistic route.

An actual physical wellness plan allows you to write out everything you deem critical to your health in an organized way and stay focused.

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1. Create Your Wellness Vision

The first step to creating any plan is envisioning where you want to go. Planning

for your health is no different. A vision allows you to take shift your focus to your overall well-being.

Fibroids are a symptom or indication that other things are going on with your physical and emotional health. The fibroids and their symptoms will subside and eventually go away by addressing those issues.

Take a moment to write down how you want to be, think or feel.

Here are a few things to consider when writing your wellness vision:

  • How do I want to feel?
  • What health challenges or symptoms do I want to overcome?

  • How has my condition affected my personality, and how would I like that to change?

  • How has my condition affected my relationships, and how would I like that to change?

Journaling your responses to these questions is a great way to get started on crafting your vision for your health.

2. Enlist the Help of Others

Make a list of all the people who may be a source of support or assistance in achieving your vision.

Your list can include friends, family, healthcare professionals, and even wellness influencers you draw inspiration from. Keep this list handy in case you need to refer to it along your journey.

3. Consider the Costs

The hard truth is that getting your health on track does require some investment of time, money, or both. So if you want to invest in medical procedures or wellness products, research the cost ahead of time and add it to your budget.

You can even go through your insurance policy to budget for copays or deductibles that will likely arise as you seek treatment.

Check out this live chat I did about creating a plan to fight fibroids.

Getting well and staying well takes time, effort, commitment, and consistency, especially with a condition like fibroids. Taking the time to sit down and write an actual plan can save you time and money in the long run. It also allows you to evaluate what works for you and what does not.

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  1. I truly believe in having a wellness vision. I myself create a vision board at the beginning of each year. Thanks for sharing!

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