16 Best Non-Toxic Clean Lip Gloss Picks

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No matter how simple or complex your makeup routine is, I bet there’s a good chance that it includes wearing lip gloss. Their versatility is unmatched! But there’s just one little challenge: finding the best non-toxic lip gloss with clean ingredients. 

Unfortunately, your favorite lip gloss might be hiding some classic offenders on its ingredients list. But don’t worry, there are quite a few non-toxic brands out there with great formulas to replace your current one.

More and more clean beauty brands are popping up on the market. So much, so that large retailers like Target and Sephora now have emblems to differentiate clean beauty products from others.

There’s just one caveat: The label “clean” is actually not regulated by any agency. In fact, one brand’s definition of clean can be quite different than another. To make things even more confusing, some items are non-toxic yet don’t have special labeling to indicate them.

How to define a product as “clean”

There is no standard definition of what’s considered “clean”. Generally, products that don’t contain ingredients that are harmful to people or the environment fall into this category. Personally, I consider any brands that rank lower than a three on the EWG website safe to use. Most lip products that fall into this range don’t have the following ingredients:

  •  Artificial Fragrances (a huge no-no in my book) – Some brands actually have undisclosed ingredients that fall under “Fragrance”. It’s a tricky loophole that allows brands to hide more nasty ingredients.
  • Butylated Compounds (BHT and BHA) These are synthetic antioxidants that may be carcinogens.
  • Parabens – Used as preservatives. But they are potential endocrine disruptors.
  • Phthalates – Usually these fall under fragrance, so you may not see them listed on the label. But they are hormone disruptors.
  • Mineral Oil – Made from petroleum which is classified as a known carcinogen.

The colors and pigments dilemma

Colors and pigments can be naturally derived, however these pigments can contain contaminants. If possible avoid iron oxides, like titanium dioxide, as these sometimes are contaminated with heavy metals. Ideally, try choosing a brand like Beautycounter, that tests for heavy metals if you do choose to use a brand that uses mica or iron oxides.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list of toxic ingredients that are commonly found in personal care products, but these are some that often show up on labels for lip products. There’s a pretty hefty list of items that are allowed in personal care products and cosmetics in the US that are actually banned in the European Union. 

The best non-toxic lip glosses should contain natural and organic ingredients. After all, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to put potentially harmful chemicals on your lips that may end up in your mouth.

Best Non-Toxic Lip Gloss Brands

These clean glosses don’t sacrifice quality and performance.

  1. Beautycounter: Known for their commitment to using safe ingredients, Beautycounter offers a range of non-toxic lip glosses that are both beautiful and safe. The best part is they actually test for heavy metals.
  2. RMS Beauty: RMS Beauty’s Lip Shine is a cult favorite among clean beauty enthusiasts, thanks to its nourishing formula and gorgeous shades.
  3. W3LL PEOPLE: W3LL PEOPLE’s Bio Extreme Lip Gloss is a high-performance gloss that is free from harmful ingredients like parabens and phthalates. It’s also nice that you can find this brand in-store at some Ulta and Target stores.
  4. Ilia Beauty: Ilia Beauty’s Lip Glosses are formulated with organic ingredients and are free from synthetic dyes and fragrances. Plus, it’s vegan.
  5. Honest Beauty: Honest Beauty’s Gloss-C Lip Gloss is a clean beauty favorite, with a hydrating formula and a range of flattering shades. I find that this brand has beautiful nudes for a natural finish.

6. 100% Pure: True to its name, 100% Pure offers lip glosses that are made with 100% natural ingredients, including fruit pigments for color.

7. Juice Beauty: Juice Beauty’s Phyto-Pigments Sheer Lip Gloss is a non-toxic option that delivers sheer, buildable color with a high-shine finish with certified organic ingredients.

8. Kosas: Kosas’s Wet Lip Oil Gloss is a hydrating lip gloss that is made with nourishing oils and botanical extracts.

9. Tower 28 Beauty: Tower 28 Beauty’s ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss is a non-sticky gloss that is made with plant-based ingredients and comes in fun, vibrant shades.

10. INIKA Organic: INIKA Organic’s Lip Serums are made with certified organic ingredients and deliver intense hydration and color.

11. Vapour Beauty: Vapour Beauty’s Elixir Lip Gloss is a non-toxic gloss that is made with organic ingredients and delivers a high-shine finish.

12. Lauren Brooke Cosmetics: Lots of shades made with super moisturizing ingredients at an affordable price point. 

13. Crunchi: ​Not only do Crunchi’s products take “clean” a step further, but they also use eco-friendlier packaging.

14. Merit: The Shade Slick Gelee’ Sheer Tinted Lip Oil is ultra-moisturizing with a hint of color.

15. Milk: Odyssey Hydrating Sticky Lip Oil Gloss has brown girl-friendly shades and lasting moisture.

16. Saie: Hyalauranic acid is the superstar ingredient for plumper lips that retain moisture.

I hope this list helps you find some great options for shiny, luscious lips. Now you can add a clean lip gloss and natural lip gloss for your makeup bag for the perfect finishing touch to your beauty routine.

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