3 Easy Ways to Meal Prep

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In case you missed it, today I did a quick IG live to announce that I’ll be doing Meal Prep Mondays every week. I know that the idea of meal prepping brings up visions of fifty containers with colorful meals that took hours of work to prepare. Personally, that’s just not realistic or even appealing for me. I don’t typically have several hours to spend in the kitchen, and I get bored of leftovers pretty quickly. So the idea of eating chicken breast, rice, and veggies or carefully crafted Instagram-worthy salads every single day of the week just isn’t appealing to me.

I’ve decided to reframe what meal prepping means to me to leave me with the flexibility to change things up during the week, yet make it easier to eat at home. Here are a few tips to help make the idea of meal prep a little bit easier and more achievable:

  1. Do your grocery planning and shopping ahead of time. I usually start planning for the next week on Friday night. This gives me enough time to go to more than one store if I need to do so.

  2. If you don’t prep and pack anything else, prep and pack breakfast. Overnight oats, smoothie packs and even chia seed pudding end up in most meal prep plans because they’re easy to make in a batch. By sticking to an easy breakfast, you set yourself up for success in the morning. That’s at least one meal that you don’t have to think about.

  3. Prep, but don’t cook. Sometimes the cooking isn’t the issue. Sometimes the prep work is the more tedious part. Instead of committing to cooking and packing, cutting up your veggies or soaking your beans may be enough to give you the head start you need to get through the week.

I’d love to know how you meal prep or if you even do it at all. Leave a comment below.

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