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Everyday Clean Makeup Picks

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Since learning about how some of the chemicals commonly found in cosmetics can mimic estrogen, I’ve been more serious about switching to clean beauty products. Over time exposure to these compounds can contribute to estrogen dominance, which is believed to be a significant factor in uterine fibroid growth.

As a former makeup junkie, it’s been pretty difficult to let go of some of my old staples. I often face two challenges: shade range and performance. Many of the clean products that I’ve tried so far leave something to be desired when it comes to performance. Or they lack shades that look good on me.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to experiment and find some items that are winners. I wear light makeup several days a week, so it’s been important to find products that I can feel good about putting on my body. These are my everyday makeup faves right now:


One of the products I’ve used consistently for years has been the Bare Minerals Matte loose powder foundation. I did a brief stint as a makeup artist years ago and grew to love many of their products. This is one that I’ve held on to and continue to use almost daily. I tend to get oily, and this foundation helps keep the shine at bay. It’s super lightweight, but it gives enough coverage to cover minor blemishes.

Don’t forget the brush! I tried using other less expensive brushes with this foundation, and it just doesn’t work. However, this brush is worth the price. I’ve had mine for years. It rarely sheds.

Edit: There is some controversy about whether Bare Minerals Original Powder foundation is considered “clean” because it contains iron oxides. Personally, I’m ok with using this one until I find something better. Overall the ingredients in this foundation beat out all the other foundations I’ve used in the past.



Another fave from Bare Minerals is their Strength & Length serum-infused mascara. Bare Minerals sent it to me as part of a campaign they were doing a few months ago, and I’ve been hooked since. I particularly like this one because it’s easy to layer.

Eyeliner has been a tough one to switch out. I still haven’t found the perfect clean eyeliner yet, but this one by ELF comes pretty close. It has the most longevity of all the liners I’ve tried. I also appreciate that it glides on effortlessly. Keep in mind this product has the “Clean at Target” seal and rates as a 3 on the EWG Skindeep Database.



Clean lipsticks and lip glosses that look great on brown skin have been challenging to find. Switching out my lip products has been the most challenging part of finding clean makeup. So far, this gloss from W3LL PEOPLE is pretty flattering for everyday wear. It looks great alone or over your favorite lipstick. This one bears the Clean at Target label and has an EWG Rating of 3.

I’ll update this post as I grow my clean makeup collection and find better, safer makeup products. It’s been a process, but I’m hoping to find more products that last all day AND look great on me. Feel free to drop any of your current recommendations in the comments below.

Edit: This post has been updated to clarify these products’ status as “clean.”


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  1. I love make up! And yes, we must be careful of what we put in our beautiful skins. Thanks for your recommendations. I gotta check out these brands 😉

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