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7 Simple Tips to Reduce Bloating

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If you’ve made it here, chances are you’ve experienced the uncomfortable nature of being bloated. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, pants unbuttoned and looking for any kind of tips to reduce bloating that we can find on the internet. The desperation is relatable.

Bloating actually is one of the most common and easy to recognize fibroid symptoms. Due to associated hormonal imbalances, many women notice chronic digestive discomfort and upset. If this is you, this list of tips to reduce bloating is your holy grail, girl.

Keep in mind, size and location of fibroids can impact the appearance of the stomach. Unfortunately, the only remedy for distension caused the tumors themselves is shrinkage or removal.

However, not all hope is lost because you can follow these simple tips to reduce bloating by improving digestion and supporting regular elimination and detoxification.

tips to reduce bloating

1. Eat more slowly.

One of the simplest tips for for better digestion is to slow down and enjoy your food. Seriously. Seeing, smelling and even touching your food can send signals to your digestive system to prepare for digestion.

Taking the time to chew thoroughly is another way to get the maximum benefits and improved digestibility from your food.

2. Try probiotic foods or digestive enzymes.

Probiotics and digestive enzymes not only aid in digestion, but can improve immunity and fight off harmful bacteria in the gut. One easy way to get in some good gut friendly bacteria is to consume fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi.

3. Address food sensitivities and allergies.

Ever notice bloating or stomach discomfort after eating certain foods? It’s possible that you have a food intolerance or sensitivity.

Your doctor can order testing for this or you can try an at-home kit like EverlyWell. Consuming foods you’re allergic to create more inflammation and digestive problems.

eating a bowl of organic blackberries

4. Eat enough fiber.

Fiber is crucial in helping the body rid itself of waste. It even helps with the detoxification of excess estrogen.

According to Mayo Clinic, the recommended intake for fiber is 21-25 grams per day for women.

5. Soak your grains, seeds and legumes.

Grains, seeds and legumes contain antinutrients that make them harder to digest. Using a soaking method before consuming these helps to release more nutrients and prepare them for better digestion.

6. Stay hydrated.

Just like fiber, being properly hydrated is key to better digestion and waste elimination. For better hydration consider adding minerals or electrolytes to your water and consuming high water content fruits and vegetables.

7. Ditch the raw foods.

This is probably a controversial tip since there are many people that claim that raw vegan diets eliminate fibroids. I’m not disputing the benefits of raw fruits and veggies.

However, for people suffering from poor digestion, raw vegetables can be taxing on their digestive system. If you’re dealing with severe bloating, try eating only cooked veggies at least until symptoms subside.

These 7 simple tips to reduce bloating will have you well on your way to healing your gut and avoiding the uncomfortable symptoms that come with having a bloated belly. For more ideas, check out these five foods for fibroid shrinkage and this delicious fonio and mushrooms recipe for some inspo!

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