Clean Beauty at Sephora: My 2023 Picks

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Finding safer beauty products at Sephora is a little easier with the Clean at Sephora logo. However, similar to other retailers their standard for what’s considered clean is still questionable.

As I’ve suggested with other retailers, it’s a good idea to use the logo to narrow down your search. The you can use the EWG’s Skindeep Database to help you figure out which products are truly clean.

The clean at Sephora logo does indicate that ingredients including, phthalates, formaldehyde, tars, and plastic microbeads are left out. However, some ingredients like fragrance are still in these products.

So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite clean beauty products at Sephora as well as some items on my wishlist.

The great thing about Sephora is that they do carry a really large selection of clean beauty brands.

Clean Beauty at Sephora: Haircare

Sephora carries a variety of clean hair products. But since I’m a black woman, most of my picks are formulated for black hair.

Melanin Haircare

This is one of the only haircare brands I’ve found that doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances. That alone puts it at the top of my list. But I also love that the conditioner is multi-use, and so is the hair oil.


Beautybio has been keeping my flaky scalp in check. I appreciate that it’s not heavy, so I can use it daily. But it’s still moisturizing. This serum is an absolute essential in my non-toxic braids routine, so you already know I’m a fan.

Clean Beauty at Sephora: Skincare

These days it feels like there’s a new harmful ingredient to avoid. Anyone relate? That’s why I love the clean beauty at Sephora label. It makes it 100000x easier to choose products that I can feel good about. Here are a couple of my faves so far this year:

Youth to the People

The superfood cleanser always gets top marks. It’s gentle on the skin and suitable for any skin type. I love that it’s packed with natural ingredients and also comes in a glass bottle that I can recycle. I also adore the Superclay mask because of the powerful ingredient list. It has Niacinamide to brighten the skin plus a BHA chemical exfoliant which works wonders for clogged pores. Use this mask a couple of times a week and you could see a huge difference in your skin texture.


I’ve written about Biossance a lot here on the blog, and that’s because it’s one of my all-time favorite clean skincare brands. Not only is the packaging gorgeous, but I find that the products really do hold up to what they claim to do, which isn’t always the case with brands that have such a cult following. One of my favorites from them is the squalane + peptide eye gel, which helps my tired eyes immensely. It’s also light enough to work under makeup, so you can use it in the daytime. I’m a mom, so you know I appreciate the extra boost to help me look less tired!

The squalane + caffeine toning body cream also caught my eye because it’s unscented and I always go for products without fragrance whenever possible because many of them are endocrine disrupters. I’m also a big fan of including body care in the skincare category because it’s not only our faces that need a little love! Check out this post about my favorite clean body care products for more goodies.


Looking for moisture that’s not too heavy? This one’s for you. The grape water gel moisturizer (right) by Caudalíe has the most delicious texture and glides over my skin beautifully before getting soaked up by my pores leaving me feeling super hydrated. It’s a 10/10 for me. Another product I’ve been wanting to try is the moisturizing mask, which as similar ingredients to the gel moisturizer, so I’m sure it’s equally as fabulous.

Clean Beauty at Sephora: Makeup

Just like haircare and skincare, far too many makeup brands get away with adding harmful ingredients to their formulas. It’s 2023 and we’re just not here for pore-clogging, endocrine-disrupting, and planet-unfriendly ingredients, period. I appreciate infinitely that I can just look for the Clean Beauty at Sephora sticker when I’m shopping for makeup. It takes the pressure off of finding products that I can trust.


I can’t talk about clean makeup without mentioning MILK. The performance of their products is unmatched. The MILK Hydrogrip Primer gives your makeup staying power without being drying. For the summer I’ve switched to their Pore Eclipse Mattifying and Blurring Primer since I tend to get shinier in the warmer months.

I usually don’t buy the pricier mascaras, but the Milk Kush Volumizing Mascara is also one of my favorite mascaras when I’m in the mood to splurge.


Kosas never disappoints with their shade range and skin-like finishes. Their eye-brightening concealer is a staple for me. I use a lighter shade for under eye and a darker shade to dot on my face when I need a little coverage.

If you’ve been anywhere near the beauty side of the internet, you’ve seen how lip oils have exploded in popularity. Many of the lip oils on the market have tons of sketchy ingredients in them (side EYE), but Kosas’s passed the Clean Beauty at Sephora test, so I’m excited to try it out and hop on the trend.

Other Clean Beauty Brands at Sephora

In case you’re still on the hunt for clean alternatives to your favorite Sephora products, here are some other brands that have the Clean Beauty at Sephora label:


Hopefully, this helps you narrow down your search for clean beauty brands at Sephora. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or have some to add to the list.

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