My August 2022 Round-Up

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August was all about reevaluating some of my goals and taking inventory of how I can simplify life. This month I got back into using a planner, purged a lot from my belongings, and discovered some multi-use products to whittle down my hair and skincare routine. Here’s my August round-up, with items that got me through this month:

In My Kitchen

Food, supplements, and kitchen gadgets for a healthier lifestyle.

Digestive enzymes

Over the last few months, my digestion has seemed to be on the fritz despite pretty consistent eating habits. So, I decided to give digestive enzymes a try.

They seemed to really help with bloating, and I’ve noticed more complete bowel movements. Full disclosure, I just grabbed these without doing a ton of research. But they’re fairly inexpensive and seemed to do the trick. 

Remember to always consult your health care provider or practitioner before adding new supplements to your routine.

Cast iron skillet

Cast iron skillets are essential for non-toxic cookware if you’re looking to live more low-tox. Unfortunately, my current one has rusted, and I can’t seem to bring it back. Please drop any tips for this in the comments. I’d really appreciate the help.

At this point, I just decided to order a new one. Eventually, I plan to have several in different sizes. Lodge is a trusted brand for cast iron, so I’ll stick with these.

On My Vanity

Skincare and haircare for a simpler, non-toxic beauty routine.

Biossance eye cream

I think I found my holy grail eye cream. It has a really clean ingredient list and is super effective. It’s also lightweight, so it works well under makeup.

Melanin shampoo & conditioner

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve struggled to find clean hair products without fragrance. Melanin checks all the boxes for me: No artificial fragrances, multi-use and happens to be black-owned. I’m in love!

Melanin hair oil

I’ve been using this hair oil while I have braids, and it’s made a difference in how flakey my scalp gets. 

I would describe it as medium weight with very little scent. A few drops go a long way. And the bonus: you can use it on your skin too.

Tools to Make Life Easier

Other gadgets and goods that got me through last month.

Panda planner

I’d gotten out of the habit of using a planner, but I find that life is so much easier when I do. I’ve tried several, and I always go back to the Panda Planner. My favorite parts are the end-of-day reviews and the gratitude section.

That’s it for this August 2022 round-up! Let me know in the comments which products you’re obsessed with this month!

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