15 Best Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Options (Organic, Non-Toxic Alternatives)

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You’ve probably already started switching to clean skincare and makeup. But have you taken another look at your toothpaste? Choosing a natural, fluoride-free toothpaste could be the next step to reducing your exposure to toxins in personal care products.

Your oral health is an integral part of your overall health. In fact, your mouth is one of the main entry points for good and bad bacteria that end up in places like your gut. 

Think about it: toothpaste is an item that goes directly into your mouth. So it’s likely that you ingest or absorb small amounts of whatever’s in your toothpaste.

Why go fluoride-free?

You’ve probably heard about the controversy about fluoride. And I know you’re wondering, “Is fluoride safe?” Yes and no.

Technically fluoride is a naturally occurring element found in water, food, and soil. In small amounts that you would likely get from natural sources, fluoride isn’t likely an issue for most people.

In low amounts, fluoride can help to remineralize and strengthen teeth. A lack of fluoride can cause tooth decay, discoloration, and brittleness.

However, some people question whether daily use of fluoride in toothpaste, mouthwash, and even fluoridated water, might be more detrimental than helpful. 

Fluoride is a neurotoxin and may be linked to hormonal issues like hyperparathyroidism and neurological issues in children. 

Fluoride also kills both bad and good bacteria in the mouth, which can alter a healthy oral biome. 

Non-toxic Alternative to Fluoride: Hydroxyapatite

Looking for the benefits of fluoride without the potential risks? Hydroxyapatite might be a better alternative for you. 

Hydroxyapatite is a form of calcium that makes up the majority of your tooth. It’s able to get into small areas and remineralize the enamel from within the tooth. 

Another benefit of using hydroxyapatite is that it prevents bad bacteria from sticking to your teeth, making it more oral-biome friendly.

I use a hydroxyapatite toothpaste, and my experience has been very positive. I’ve noticed whiter teeth and no longer have sensitivity.

1. Boka Toothpaste

Boka is my go-to toothpaste. As I stated earlier, I’ve noticed brighter teeth and don’t experience sensitivity anymore. My son also loves the Orange Dreamsicle flavor for kids. When it comes to finding the best natural fluoride-free toothpaste, this is my absolute favorite!

2. Davids Toothpaste

best natural fluoride-free toothpastes

This EWG-verified toothpaste is a fave among people looking for a natural toothpaste. Keep in mind the packaging does take some time to get used to but helps reduce waste.

3. hello hello Activated Charcoal Epic Whitening Fluoride Free Toothpaste

I keep Hello as a backup for when I forget to order my other toothpaste. It’s budget-friendly, easy to get your hands on, and they have some kid-friendly flavors.

4. Dr. Bronner’s All-One Toothpaste

Of course, the OG in clean beauty and personal care has a toothpaste. Dr. Bronner’s All-One toothpaste has a very clean ingredient list. However, it does contain stevia, which is a deal breaker for some.

5. Risewell Toothpaste

Another heavy hitter in the hydroxyapatite-based toothpastes is Risewell. One thing that stood out for me is that they use essential oils to create their flavors.

7. OJOOK Toothpaste

Hydroxyapatite meets bamboo salt for a naturally whitening powerhouse combo. This one is super gentle and great for people who don’t have any serious tooth or gum issues and just need something with bare-bones ingredients.

8. Better & Better Purity Toothpaste

Vegan, fluoride-free and Ingredients you can pronounce. Your mouth will thank you.

9. RADIUS Organic Toothpaste

Not only is RADIUS USDA organic, but their flavor combos also double as added benefits for your oral health.

10. Lebon

Organic ingredients like aloe and green tea help soothe gums and protect teeth. Not to mention the uniquely refreshing flavor.

11. Essential Oxygen

You’ve probably heard of brushing or rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. Well, this brand uses food-grade hydrogen peroxide and essential oils to up the whitening factor and freshen breath.

12. Cali White

Whitening is the specialty of Cali White toothpaste with only seven easy-to-recognize ingredients.

13. Beautops Auromere Toothpaste

Inspired by ayurvedic practices for oral care, Beautops Auromere features botanicals and essential oils. I’ve also found that this toothpaste can be found at a number of popular health food stores, so it’s pretty easily accessible.

14. Himalaya Botanique Complete Care

One of the unique things about this toothpaste is that it contains pomegranate, which can help reduce plaque.

15. Uncle Harry’s Mineral Toothpaste

Uncle Harry’s is a powder-based toothpaste that features mineral ingredients like bentonite clay and sea salt to remineralize teeth and support a healthy mouth. The formula is unique from others I’ve seen, so I’d be curious to give it a try!

Deciding whether to switch to a fluoride-free toothpaste is totally up to you. In my opinion, there is a strong case against it.

Regardless of whether you go fluoride free, I do hope you consider choosing a natural, non-toxic toothpaste. Finding the best natural, fluoride-free toothpaste may take some trial and error. But you can use this list as a reference when you’re ready to make the switch.

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