12 Nightstand Essentials to Make Your Nighttime Routine 100% Better

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We’ve all seen the Pinterest photos of perfectly styled, aesthetically pleasing nightstands. But what if your nightstand could be more than just a decorative piece for your bedroom? By adding a few functional essentials, you can transform your nightstand into the perfect finale for your nighttime routine. 

My Nightstand Essentials

I’ve talked here about morning routines and afternoon routines, so it’s about time I move on to nighttime. Consider what you keep on your nightstand as the finishing touches to your day. Include items to help you relax and get to sleep a little faster, as well as some essentials for nighttime pampering. Here are a few things I like to have next to my bed.

1. A gorgeous warm lamp

The right light source is the cornerstone of your nightstand. Not only is it an opportunity to show off your style, but choosing a warm light can help you relax.

Warm light mimics natural light, so your eyes have to work harder to adjust. This stimulates your natural circadian rhythm to cue your body that it’s time to relax.

2. The non-toxic diffuser of my dreams

Candles will always have a place in my heart, but unfortunately, many of them are filled with toxic chemicals. Not to mention, the last thing you want to do is fall asleep with a lit candle.

An oil diffuser is a safer alternative in more ways than one. Diffusers allow you to partake in some calming aroma therapy with high-quality essential oils. Many of them have timers, and there are even some with lights on them.

You can find several inexpensive oil diffusers like this one on Amazon. However, I’m currently on my third diffuser in a very short amount of time. So I’ve been eyeing this better-quality one from Viturvi. It has great reviews, and some buyers even mentioned repurchasing. 

If space is an issue, this plug-in one might be a better option.

3. Blue light glasses that are easy on the eyes

Exposure to blue light too close to bedtime might make it difficult for you to fall asleep. So scrolling your phone or watching that show isn’t as much of a wind down as you may have thought. 

But don’t worry. I’m not here to scold you for doing either. A pair of blue light glasses will help on the days when the screen time runs longer than planned.

Bonus: Grab this multi-pack from Amazon and leave a pair in rooms with screens.

4. An alarm clock that wakes you gently

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been jolted out of a deep sleep by a blaring alarm. It’s certainly not the most pleasant way to wake up and might actually make you feel irritable.

Instead, opt for an alarm clock that eases you into the morning. Think of it as a gentle nudge into your day.

5. Something light to read before bed

Keep something light and neutral on your nightstand. I suggest sticking to non-fiction and wellness-related books. These are usually interesting enough to inspire a reading habit. But they’re also not as stimulating as a riveting page-turner.

6. My favorite planner for nightly brain dumps

Sometimes you just need to get it all out. Keep a journal with plain pages to get things out of your head and onto a page. 

7. A water carafe for hydration and aesthetics

Ever been hit by the midnight thirsties? The last thing you want to do is get out of bed and risk having a hard time falling asleep again. So a cute carafe is an easy way to get hydrated before bed or first thing in the morning.

8. Clean makeup wipes

We all know you’re not supposed to fall asleep with your makeup on. But sometimes, it just happens. That’s why keeping a pack of non-toxic makeup wipes on your nightstand might be a good idea. Pillows and skin, saved.

9. Super moisturizing lip mask

Kiss dry lips goodbye before bed by keeping a nourishing lip mask on your nightstand.

10. Hand lotion

Another clean beauty staple for your nightstand stash is hand lotion. Wave dry hands and cuticles away. 

11. An eye mask to block out any light

If you have a partner who stays up a little later than you or you’re sensitive to light. An eye mask is a must-have to ensure you get the best sleep. Opt for a silk mask to avoid drying out your eye area.

12. Flowers or a plant

Flowers or a small plant can up the aesthetic factor of your nightstand. And some plants, like snake plants, can even help improve air quality. If your nightstand is in a spot that doesn’t get much light, try dried stems or leaves like eucalyptus.

Pick items that make sense for your routine and the amount of space you have. Finding the right mix of essentials for your nightstand can turn any beside table into a wind-down haven and make your bedtime ritual easier.

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