3 Gluten Free Cake Mixes for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that bombard us with pretty sugary treats that even the most disciplined among us find hard to resist. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but I find myself tempted by the beautiful Valentine’s Day dessert displays. Usually, when I’m tempted by something that’s off my protocol, I learn to create a healthier version at home. Unfortunately, I’m not a baker. I can’t even say it’s something that I enjoy even attempting. That’s why I’m doing a gluten free Valentines Day.

If you’ve ever tried to make a gluten-free or paleo cake recipe, the ingredients list can get long. So I was thrilled when I found some gluten-free cake mixes that help me not veer too far off course in my eating habits. These three gluten-free baking mixes are perfect for enjoying the holiday without all the food guilt. I’ve listed them in order by the fewest grams of sugar per serving.

3 Better-for-You Cake Mixes:

Simple Mills


Simple Mills is a staple for us when we want to indulge in cake or cupcakes. They also have an icing that we add fresh fruit to if we’re feeling a little fancy. Simple Mills products are just that – SIMPLE. They use as few ingredients as possible, and their products tend to have significantly less sugar than most of the conventional brands.

*9g Sugar

Birch Benders

You’ve probably seen Birch Benders a lot in my IG stories because my son and I LOVE their pancakes and waffles. We alternate between the keto and paleo pancake mixes because they’re both gluten-free. They just expanded their product line to baking mixes! They have a keto chocolate cake mix and a keto yellow cake mix that we’re eager to try.

*14g Sugar – Technically these are not considered added sugars because this product is sweetened with monk fruit.

King Arthur Flour

King Arthur Flour is another great mix that’s easy to find at most retailers. Their chocolate cake yields a great consistency. I suspect this is because it’s a rice flour-based mix.
*21g sugar
Vday cake mix Pin 2 -Static.png
An aside about my diet:
I avoid gluten, and although I don’t consider myself Paleo or Keto I tend to buy foods labeled for Paleo or Keto eaters because they often to use ingredients that don’t feed inflammation. This is not always the case for Keto labeled foods, but many times it is. It’s simply a way for me to filter out things when buying packaged foods. My reference to those diets is only for that reason, not because I promote them either.

gluten free valentines day

3 Tips for Reducing Your Sugar Intake

After you’ve chosen a baking mix that works for you, here are a few tips that can help you cut back on some of the extra sugar.

  1. Consider skipping the icing. This one is easy for me to say because I’m simply not a big icing person. A thin layer goes a long way for me. Another option is to use some pureed fruit.

  2. Make small cupcakes or cakes. Create some portion control by limiting the size of your dessert and giving yourself a limit. The idea is to limit yourself, not deprive yourself.

  3. Eat something nutrient-dense before you have dessert. One of the worse things you can do is consume sweets on an empty stomach. You’re more likely to eat more because your body just needs calories, and it doesn’t care where they come from. By filling up on the nutrient-dense foods first, your body will realize that it doesn’t actually need 5 cupcakes.

Shop these gluten free Valentines Day cake mixes:


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