How to Use Your Menstrual Cycle for Better Productivity

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Have you ever noticed that there are times when your energy is through the roof? Or maybe you noticed that right before your period you find yourself exhausted easily? Well, what if I told you that learning more about your menstrual cycle could unlock the key to better productivity?

Here’s the deal: learning the ebbs and flows of your menstrual cycle can help you determine your most productive days and plan your schedule accordingly.

But before using this hack, you’ll need to learn more about your unique cycle. Consider this post a guide to help you understand cues from your cycle to work at a pace compatible with your natural flow.

Let’s dive into each phase and what that might mean for your productivity.

Menstrual Phase Productivity

Day one of your cycle or the first day of your bleed is considered the menstrual phase. The menstrual phase lasts about five to seven days. Many women experience a dip in physical energy around this time. However, you might notice that your intuition is at a high during this phase.

If you’re experiencing heavy bleeding, cramps or other painful period symptoms, it’s important to prioritize rest and nourishment during this time. If you absolutely must get things done, focus on analyzing what’s working for you, improving systems, and brainstorming ideas. Try putting off more taxing tasks for a few days if possible, and limit your to-do list to the essentials.

Follicular Phase Productivity

how to use your menstrual cycle for productivity

The follicular phase starts around day five to seven and lasts until about day 12. Due to the rise in estrogen, you may notice more energy during these days.

This phase is ideal for starting big projects and learning new things. You can even use this time to schedule some meetings, interviews, or social activities going into the ovulatory phase when you’ll likely feel more social.

Ovulatory Phase Productivity

As I mentioned, you’re likely to feel more social due to the peak in estrogen. So, now’s a good time to focus on communication and team-based tasks.

You might also feel very creative, so lean into activities that allow you to express yourself.

Luteal Phase Productivity

how to use your menstrual cycle for productivity

Personally, I like to break the luteal phase into two parts. During the earlier part of the luteal phase, you may notice that your energy is still steady and you can still lean into activities from the ovulation phase.

During the latter part of the phase, energy tends to drop as you’re nearing the menstrual phase. However, intuition tends to rise. So now’s a good time to focus on making big decisions and closing up lingering projects.

Just remember to start slowing things down as you enter the menstrual phase.

Practical Ways to Incorporate Cyclical Awareness for Productivity

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “How the heck am I supposed to apply this with a schedule that I don’t fully control?”

When it comes to planning your tasks around your cycle, I do get that life happens, and it may be difficult to adjust. But awareness of your personal cycle helps you set expectations for your energy levels and natural strengths.

For example, let’s say you’re working on a big project at work during the luteal phase. You may not be able to control the deadline and deliverables, but you can adjust how you work. 

Maybe you notify your manager that you need to block off a few hours to focus solely on work. Or perhaps you have the ability to cancel any unnecessary calls or meetings. 

Another option is to adjust your personal life to account for a more hectic work life during lower energy phases. For example, cook very easy low-prep meals or crockpot meals for the week. Or get to bed a little earlier for some extra rest. Any little thing you can do to support each phase will make the difference. Remember, your cycle is unique to you. Use this information as a starting point for optimizing your life and overall well-being.

Ready to start living according to your cycle? If you want to know exactly how to use your menstrual cycle for productivity, consider using my Cyclical Living Planner to kickstart your journey.

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