DIY Non-toxic Fabric Refresher Spray

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non-toxic fabric spray on pillowBack in the day, I would finish my cleaning routine by spraying all of my soft items with Fabreeze or some other generic fabric refresher spray.

While my home might have smelled nice after, I had no idea I was just adding to the number of toxins in my home. What I didn’t realize is that these sprays are laden with potential endocrine disruptors and other bad actors that you really don’t want to inhale or have absorbed by your skin.

Of course, now that I know better, I’m doing better. And that means switching to a non-toxic fabric refreshing spray that I can make myself.

The best part is that the scent is fully customizable and actually costs a fraction of what the store-bought ones cost. And did I mention it’s free from harmful chemicals?

Why you should make your own non-toxic fabric spray

One of the first and easiest things I gave up when I wanted to reduce my exposure to toxins was air fresheners and fabric sprays. Since synthetic fragrance is a huge no-no on the list of ingredients to avoid, it comes as no surprise that fragranced sprays are some of the most toxic and unnecessary home items you can purchase.

Having said that, I realize how nice it is when your home has a scent you like. We can’t help ourselves. We want things to smell “clean.” That’s where this DIY recipe comes in. It gives you that same feeling without the nasty chemicals. And depending on the blend of essential oils, it creates some aromatherapy.

There are several of these recipes on Pinterest. Some are made with witch hazel instead of vodka, but I like the vodka-based spray the best. Witch hazel has a slight scent to me, and I find that it doesn’t disappear as quickly as the vodka smell.

DIY non-toxic fabric spray recipe


Combine all ingredients and shake.

DIY Fabric Spray.png
I know what you’re thinking. You don’t want to smell like a lush. Don’t worry, the water and essential oils minimize the alcohol smell. In fact, I don’t really smell the alcohol once the spray is mixed. Essential Oils
You can get creative and customize the scent you want. My favorite essential oil combinations are lavender and thyme or lavender and tea tree.I like to use oils with antimicrobial or antibacterial properties to make the spray even more functional. You can get creative and experiment with your favorite oils. 

Glass Spray Bottle
I’m trying to reduce the amount of plastic in my home. These glass bottles are heavy-duty and work for any of your homemade sprays. I’ve had my current batch of bottles for almost a year.

Check out this reel I created on Instagram.

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