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How to Create a Relaxing Shower Routine

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Showers can feel like such a mundane task that we usually whisk right through them. But in the spirit of romanticizing everyday things, why not make your next relaxing shower routine extra special?

Why I Made My Relaxing Shower Routine

I’m in a phase of life where I want to slow down and enjoy what might seem like the most mundane of activities, including my shower time. It seems simple, but an indulgent shower routine is an opportunity to pamper yourself.

Showers vs. Baths: Which is more eco-friendly

Most people would be surprised to find out that showers are usually more eco-friendly than baths. According to the EPA, a shower under 10 minutes uses less water than filling the average U.S. bathtub.

Now, even though we’re talking about making your shower routine more luxurious, that doesn’t mean that this has to be longer. A 10-minute shower can still be rewarding.

Setting Up Your Relaxing Shower Routine

relaxing shower routine essentials

A relaxing shower routine doesn’t have to be complicated or have a dozen steps unless you’re into that sort of thing. Adding a few simple pleasures to your shower session can be just what you need to feel refreshed.

Set the mood.

One of the easiest ways to spice up any routine is to set the mood. Plug in a diffuser, turn on a playlist with meditative music, or even go for dim, warm lights. Right now, I have this shower speaker on my wishlist.

Dry brush for a few minutes.

One of my favorite ways to promote detoxification is to dry brush for a few minutes before a shower. It’s a simple way to get things flowing and promote exfoliation as well.

Water: Why It Matters

Another way to elevate your shower routine is to add a showerhead with a filter. Unfortunately, most water supplies contain nasty chemicals like chlorine, plastics, and medications.

When you shower, you risk exposing yourself to these toxins through your skin and inhalation. A good filter can help remove these harmful items and may even help improve the condition of your skin. 

Aquasana has a filter with or without a showerhead. They even have whole-house filters. Check out their entire line of filters on their website. Out of every brand on the market, this is the one I trust the most.

Products I Use in My Relaxing Shower Routine


relaxing shower routine essentials loofah

I love a natural loofah sponge when I can find one. They give the best exfoliation.

Body wash

relaxing shower routine essentials body wash

Super moisturizing and a light citrus scent. Need I say more? Find more body care products I love here.

Bar soap

If bar soap is your preference, I can’t recommend these enough. You can choose goat’s milk based or coconut milk based and they’re made with all-natural ingredients. If you’re committed to a low-tox lifestyle, bar soaps like these typically have far fewer abrasive ingredients, which I’m all for!

Body scrub

You’ve probably guessed that I’m a big fan of citrus scents. This scrub leaves behind a dewy glow while buffing away dry patches.

Eucalyptus wreath

Not only does this add some outdoor shower vibes to your ritual, but it also provides some serious aromatherapy.

Post-Shower Goodies

Once you’re done with your shower, be sure to slather on a good body moisturizer while your skin is still damp. And because banishing ashiness is serious business for me, I’ve created a separate post of clean body lotions.

Creating a relaxing shower routine is simple and easy. Set the mood, grab a few of your favorite products, and enjoy. 

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