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Celery Juice Update – 30 Days

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There’s been a lot of buzz about celery juice and its potential effect on fibroids. Thanks to Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium and his book, Celery Juice, this green power drink has been getting lots of attention for its alleged healing benefits for all types of chronic illness. But how helpful is it, really?

I recently decided to add it to my morning routine to test it out.

celery juice

In my two-week update post, I shared my initial thoughts about drinking celery juice a couple of weeks ago.

After an entire month of consuming this “miracle” green drink almost every morning, I’m sharing what I really think about it and whether I think it’s beneficial for healing and shrinking fibroids. Watch the video below to hear my thoughts.

What do you think about this health trend and my celery juice update? Let me know in the comments if you have tried it and if it helped you with your fibroids symptoms or other ailments.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I started juicing celery a little over a week ago. It hasn’t been daily due to some unforeseen circumstances. I also implemented a detox smoothie that he discussed during an IG live. The celery juice does have a salty taste to me and I feel like that does vary by the brand. I seem to only get about 10-12 ounces out of my stalks and I know that can depend on the type of juicer. Overall I’ll say that will will keep going even though it is sort of time consuming to make it fresh every morning.

    1. I saw that Liver Rescue book too. I think that’s the one that talks about the detox smoothie. Most of the time I’m able to get about 16 oz. I can tell which stalks are going to give me that much, but it does vary.

  2. Hi sis, thank you for sharing your journey with us. I have been taking celery juice for two weeks now. I must say it was a struggle to stomach it at first because of the bitter taste, but now I drink it like water. I have been experiencing more energy and being more alert. The other effects I noticed recently is that I don’t have an appetite. I take the juice just as the Medical Medium suggests and lately I have been forgetting to eat. For two days I had no desire for food and only ate fruits. Not sure if you also mentioned having a suppressed appetite on your experience. On the third day of having no appetite, I got really hunger and loaded on the carbs. It is winter in South Africa and so far my skin has been really nice, not sure if it’s the juice but I’m loving it.

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