4 Supplements to Add to Your Smoothies

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smoothies for fibroids

Smoothies are a staple for those of us trying to get control of our health and manage fibroid symptoms. They allow you to pack in a plethora of nutrients from whole fresh foods.

Whole fresh foods can be enough to manage your symptoms and even shrink some types of fibroids, but it doesn’t hurt to take the power of your smoothie recipes up a notch. These four supplements are in my current rotation for beefing up the power of my smoothies and reducing my fibroid symptoms.

Ashwagandha – Also known as Indian Ginseng is one of those superfoods that helps with a number of fibroid symptoms, especially where mental health and hormonal balance are concerned.

This adaptogenic herb has been known to boost mood and reduce anxiety and depression (healthline.com). This powerful powder has also been known to promote hormonal balance and increase libido.

Spirulina – I personally don’t think it’s really necessary to add protein powders to smoothies, and I rarely ever add protein powders to my smoothies. Instead, I find that spirulina gives my smoothies the protein boost they might need in addition to adding even more nutrients, including iron to my smoothie. This super powder is especially great to use during Luteal phase because of its antitoxic properties.

Vegan Protein Powder – As I stated previously, I’m not a huge fan of protein powders in general because I really don’t think they’re necessary. Recent studies have even shown that Americans likely actually overconsume protein.

However, I do acknowledge that there are times when you may need to up your protein intake. This may be due to working out more intensely or frequently for a period of time or even breastfeeding. Or maybe you just need to feel full longer. In that case, a vegan, grain-free protein is my go-to. The protein that I like blends really well and doesn’t change the taste of your smoothie much.

Iron Capsule – Fibroids and anemia are almost synonymous. Garden of Life’s Raw iron is my favorite iron supplement because I can open up the capsule and drop the powder into my smoothie or juice. I also don’t find that I get constipated when I use this one. I try to get really diligent about remembering to take my iron supplement during luteal phase and menstrual phase.

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