10 Healthiest Thrive Market Snacks

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I’m still on my Thrive Market kick, and there are no signs of stopping! A while back I did a full Thrive Market review, and I am still genuinely impressed with their selection of healthy foods at an affordable price. For my fellow Thrive lovers (or soon-to-be subscribers), here’s a list of the healthiest Thrive Market snacks that I’ve been munching on lately.

1. Lesser Evil Popcorn

healthiest thrive market snacks popcorn

This is probably the only brand I’ve been able to find that doesn’t use seed oil. They use coconut oil instead, and it’s actually the best-tasting oil in my opinion. I thought I’d be able to taste the coconut flavor, but it’s barely noticeable.

I love these convenient bags that I can throw into my purse for on-the-go snacking. It helps me resist the temptation to hit up a vending machine or go through a drive-through while I’m out and about.

2. Sprouted Popcorn

If you’re into making popcorn at home, I really recommend trying the sprouted popcorn. It has a really fluffy texture, which is different from regular kernels. I like to make a big batch of this for movie nights, saving the leftovers (if there are any!) to snack on the next day.

3. Chomps Beef Sticks

These beef sticks are a quick, easy way to squeeze in some grams of protein, especially on the go. I buy the mini ones to keep in my smaller-sized purses because your girl is always equipped with a snack. I mentioned these in my Thrive review, and I have to say I’m still fully obsessed!

4. Skinny Dipped Almonds

Have you ever bitten into a chocolate-covered almond that was coated in too much chocolate? Well, Skinny Dipped solves that by having just a thin layer so you can enjoy almonds with just a touch of chocolate. It tastes indulgent without being too sweet. Plus, almonds are loaded with protein and healthy fats, so it’s a great snack to tide you over until your next meal.

5. Simple Mills Toasted Crunchy Pecan Cookies

healthiest thrive market snacks

It’s no secret that I love Simple Mills baking products. Their cookies are also top-tier! What I really appreciate about them is that they’re lower in sugar compared to other “healthier cookies” and they’re really crunchy and delightful. I eat these alone, but they’re also delicious with a swipe of nut butter on top. Snag them here.

6. Bare Snacks Organic Apple Chips

I generally avoid dried fruit, but I these are just too good to pass up. These are another good purse snack when you need a little pick me up. If you’re eating them at home, top them with your favorite nut butter for some added protein and fat. I also like to chop them up and throw them in yogurt for an extra boost of sweetness.

7. Thrive Almond Butter + Inka Plantain Chips

This combo is one of my favorite post-workout snacks. I love that Thrive’s almond butter is literally just almonds and doesn’t have any added sugar, salt, or oil. Plantains are the perfect post-workout snack because of their carb content, and they’re easy to digest. It’s a dynamic duo if you ask me! Out of all of the healthiest Thrive Market snacks, this one might be my favorite.

8. Wild Planet Tuna Pouch

When you think of snack time, you probably don’t think of tuna pouches…but you should! Tuna is a high-protein snack, and Wild Planet has lower mercury levels than many of the other brands on the market. I tend to eat it straight out of the pouch or with Simple Mills crackers. Yum!

9. Go Raw Snacking Seeds

While I haven’t tried this particular mix yet, I love Go Raw’s other sprouted seeds. They’re the perfect addition to any seed cycling routine, too. I’m thinking this will be a great addition to my seed cycling routine. Plus, they’re probably easy to incorporate into other dishes. I’ll be adding this one to my cart!

10. Thrive Savory Paleo Mix

I used to love trail mix, but I gave it up because of the gluten and weird added ingredients. This one is simple and doesn’t have any seed oils or preservatives, which makes me feel confident about choosing it for a snack. Trail mix is also an ultra-versatile snack. You can have it by itself while on the go, sprinkle it on top of oatmeal or yogurt, or use it to make granola bars.

These are the absolute healthiest Thrive Market snacks that I could find, but I’m positive there are even more, so drop your favorites in the comments. If you haven’t tried Thrive Market yet, what are you waiting for? Healthy and affordable products are on the other side of your subscription, and you can use my link to sign up here, and get $60 in free groceries! Happy (healthy) snacking!

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  1. I love Thrive Market! It gives me access to so many things I cannot get in my local stores (small-town living!). I’ve tried a number of these and enjoy them very much. The Bare Baked Apple Chips are new to me though! I will have to check those out. Thanks for sharing this great list of awesome snacks you can get from Thrive.

  2. I love getting boxes from Thrive Market. They are my go to as I live out in the country and the nearest grocery store is almost 10 miles away.

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