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    28-Day Hormone Healthy Meal Plan: Blissfully Hormonal Meal Guide

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    Step into a transformative 28-day journey with this Hormone Healthy Meal Plan. If you’ve ever felt out of sync hormonally—maybe even facing challenges like fibroids—this plan is designed with you in mind. I’ve handpicked every ingredient and crafted each recipe to focus on high-protein and healthy fats, all while eliminating refined sugars. Why? Because I understand how vital hormonal balance is to your overall well-being, energy levels, and mood.

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  • Cyclical Living Planner


    Ready to start living in harmony with your cycle? My Cyclical Living Planner has everything you need to start tracking your menstrual cycle, honoring your hormones, and getting in touch with your body.

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  • Sale! Fibroid management guide and tips

    Habits for Fibroid Management

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    The Foundations of Fibroid Management Guide covers all the things I implemented to shrink a 10 cm fibroid to half its size, reduce the number of fibroids I had, and stop symptoms. This is your go-to resource for tackling fibroid symptoms through actionable lifestyle changes with practical tips.

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